season 2

We want to help local charities.

On each episode we will highlight a local charity and bring attention to a worthy local cause. Don't miss out on getting some great local television exposure free!

Please help spread the word!

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If your charity could use a little publicity the Built in NL team would be happy to consider your charity for inclusion in one of our television episodes, as well as mention in our charities section of our web site.

Each episode will feature a short segment about the chosen charity for that week. This segment will involve the host talking about your charity, as well as a short interview with a member of your organization and footage taken at your place of business or other relevant location. This is a unique opportunity for your organization to get free exposure on local television so please don't miss this great opportunity.

Please contact us to let us know about someone doing good in your community. Visit us a Facebook and contact us there too.!